You don't have to go on a diet to change your diet.

Let me show you how to lose weight, feel more energetic and look years younger by eating real, delicious foods.

What my clients have to say:

I am suddenly fitting into clothing I have not been able to even look at for years! Thanks Mary, your voice is always in my head!
— Deborah Mellen
I lost 30 pounds, my energy is way up. For the first time in years my triglycerides and blood sugar levels are normal. Mary has shown me that health is not nasty, but fun and delicious, and it adds extra years to your life!
— Keira Weaver
I am from Ukraine where the variety of food is way more limited than the U.S....I can’t buy kale or spinach on demand! But I persisted with Mary’s health plan for almost a year, slowly I began to lose weight. I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds. I can run and swim now. Of course, I have not become a model or an athlete, but I am on my way....I am happier, more positive and more energetic than ever. If I can do it, so can you!
— Svitlana Samoylenko