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I am Mary, a certified yoga teacher and holistic health coach. I help men and women achieve vibrant health and boundless energy in their midlife years and beyond.

 story from a client

I cannot put into words how this program has changed my life. I lost 30 pounds, my energy level is way up, my allergies have improved and for the first time in years my triglycerides and blood sugar levels are normal. Mary has shown me that health is not nasty, but fun and delicious, and it adds extra years to your life!
— Keira Weaver, working mom with 4 kids

Do you have similar health concerns as my client did?

Are you struggling with low energy, weight issues, food cravings, blood sugar imbalance, high cholesterol levels, food sensitivities, poor digestive health, chronic pain or stress?

Or do you simply want to feel great, look great and transition gracefully into the later years?

Let's figure it out together!

Tell me your story and I will give you practical action steps to move you forward right away on your health path!

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