I am from Ukraine where the variety of food is way more limited than the U.S....I can’t buy kale or spinach on demand! But I persisted with Mary’s health plan for almost a year, slowly I began to lose weight. I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds. I can run and swim now. Of course, I have not become a model or an athlete, but I am on my way....I am happier, more positive and more energetic than ever. If I can do it, so can you!
— Svitlana Samoylenko
I had done several weight loss programs before, but I had to really deprive myself and eventually the weight came back. Working with Mary I didn’t even have to try hard and I lost 16 lbs over a 6 month period. At the start of the program I told Mary “I just can’t imagine eating vegetables could be fun!”. Now I regularly make green smoothies, eat kale and continue to explore healthful foods I had never tried before. It feels easy and not a struggle at all! The result is I have more energy, I move more and I am even inspiring some of my friends and family to make changes in their lives!
— Christina Nelson
Working with Mary has been a game-changer. When we began our work together, I was not exercising. I was not cooking. I was not paying attention to how food made me feel or prioritizing my own health in any meaningful way. My job had taken over my life, and I wanted to take back control and ownership over my choices and life. Mary’s approach packs a punch - there are no gimmicks and there are no quick fixes. Instead, Mary provided the support I needed to take an honest look at my lifestyle, and incorporate small changes, one by one.

At the end of six months, I am exercising regularly. I am cooking more. I bring my lunch to work at least a few times a week. I meditate! I track my movement during the work week with a pedometer. I have cut out processed carbohydrates because together we discovered that they make me feel exhausted. I learned how to say no to the dreaded candy jars at work, and surprised myself recently when I discovered that my tastes have changed: the candy I used find irresistible is simply unappealing now.

This process has been incredibly introspective, and I truly feel that this is just the beginning. The changes are sticking, and changes that felt incredibly challenging at the beginning now feel easy. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle for me. Thank you, Mary.
— Ami W
Working with Mary and the Integrative Nutrition program literally changed my life! Who knew that there was more to nutrition than just the food you put in your mouth, or that achieving your desired levels of education, spirituality, and financial health provides the type of nutrition that we all need to live our best lives.

Mary’s intuitive, nurturing, and genuine nature were instrumental in helping me to see health and wellness differently and to focus on making the small changes that would ultimately yield BIG results. Thank you Mary for giving me the tools for my journey to better health.
— Renee Willis
Mary was truly amazing! She was dedicated to the process of helping me to establish healthy habits to become my best self. At every session, Mary was 100% committed to me and my journey. I truly felt like she listened to me which is essential to creating a safe space to talk about what holds you back from achieving your goals. Mary went above and beyond to help me through the rough patches too (i.e. checking in with me everyday for two weeks to make sure I accomplished my daily goal of going to bed on time.) It helped me to feel less alone through the difficult process of digging deep to change my inner self so that I could be a better person.
— Eliza Wright
We worked with Mary for six months and found a noticeable difference in how we ate and how we think of food. We continue to have our vegetable shake every morning and it helps us start the day off right.

Mary’s program worked and gave us more energy than we had before. At the beginning of the program, I thought there was too much emphasis on vegetables but today, I manage to combine my healthy food program with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I have learned to love quinoa and other foods I had never before tasted. I try to squeeze in as many workouts as I can and wear my pedometer almost every day.

I have become a more mindful eater and am so delighted to have found Mary. Mary is also trying to teach me how to meditate, which I truly appreciate. I can recommend Mary 100% percent.
— Anonymous
I used to be a compulsive eater who craved sugar as well as salt. I would eat out of boredom, to fill the void, or emptiness. Since working with Mary, I have trained myself to eat differently. Surprisingly it hasn’t been hard and I don’t feel starved or deprived at all.

I have reached my ideal weight for the first time in 20 years! I feel lighter and more comfortable under my own skin.

Before I felt my body was clogged up and my energy was low. After eliminating sugar, I stopped having those glycemic clashes. I remember walking through the airport and saw chocolate cakes and bread, I was not even tempted! None of it looked like food anymore! Now I started to crave veggies, especially greens.

Before I thought cooking was time consuming and way out of my comfort zone. After Mary came to show me a few simple dishes, I actually started to enjoy cooking! Just by eating better I have more energy and a better life attitude.

The program gives me a chance to slow down the body and mind, and by doing that I can be more available for incoming and outgoing feelings. All the pieces are coming together for me. I learned that it is a choice to be healthy. You have to be responsible, to take control.
— Josh Aronson
I am a mom to 4 kids and work a full-time job. At the start of the program, I was overweight. I craved salty, starchy, junk and comfort food. I didn’t care what I ate, how much I ate as long as it tasted good (to me, at the time). I had no time to take care of myself. I told Mary I wanted to lose weight, she said to me, “Keira, it will not just be about the weight loss, it will be a life changer.”

I cannot put into words how this program has changed my life. I lost 30 pounds, I cut out soda and fast food. I pack salads for lunch now and fell in love with kale! I am working out 3-5 times a week. My energy level is way up. My allergies have improved. For the first time in years my triglycerides and blood sugar levels are normal.

Mary is always honest, straightforward, friendly and supportive. When she showed me how to cook clean food, it looked so easy and attainable. I learnt from her that health is not nasty, but fun and delicious, and it adds extra years to your life!

I feel I know my body now. I find time for myself. I balance being a mother and being true to myself. I’ve even started a Facebook group to support women who are on the same health journey. Mary has made a dramatic impact on my life!
— Keira Weaver
The first time I was in class with Mary five years ago, I knew immediately that she was a teacher like I had never experienced before. I’ve done yoga with many instructors in the past but none are as centered on my specific needs. Her knowledge of the body as a whole — through yoga, nutrition, and pilates — is very enlightening.
— Chris Houghton
In 1998, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. Here’s what I had to lose: my ice skates, my bike, my flamenco and tap dance shoes—all the gear requisite for activities that were no longer possible given the frailty of my skeleton. I remained whole in body—one piece—yet I was not whole in spirit. My self-confidence diminished and I was becoming resigned to a static stodgy life.

Then, here’s what I found: Mary Chan! Fifteen years working with Mary Chan has enabled me to overcome physical limitations. She is particularly adept at building on practitioners’ strengths while presenting them with ways to compensate for weaknesses.

Just as important, however, Mary Chan has an influence on her students that goes well beyond the yoga/pilates studio by fostering life-style changes that are invaluable. Those who work with her gain a sense of self worth and wholeness. They can accept challenges as they strive for and savor harmony in a variety of contexts both personal and professional.
— Beth Pacheco
Mary’s yoga class has changed my life. Her ability to bring awareness to the body through breath and asanas has enabled me to work through injury and to breakthrough lifelong holding patterns. Through gentle adjustments, she brings better alignment in each position. The result is a greater ability to be present in mind and body. This also has led to positive outcomes in other areas of my life. She is an outstanding teacher.
— Andrea Freshman
What I love about Mary’s yoga classes is how she helps me focus on breathing, moving and stillness. I have worked out my whole life - I can run, walk, bike, dance and lift weights, but often I push myself and ‘muscle through’ movements and activities. Through Mary’s teaching, I have learnt to work with ease, let go of tension I hold in my body, connect breath and movement which enables me to experience moments of stillness and mindfulness.

Mary gives specific directions and cues during class that reflect a deep knowledge and understanding of the body and the practice of yoga. She might place her hands on my shoulders or gently reposition a hand - these gentle touches allow me to let go, free up, make space, move deeper into the posture and hold a little longer. Through Mary’s skillful, thoughtful teaching, I have discovered that yoga practice is an essential part of my life and is what I need to feel good!
— Sally Hipscher
I am a 69 year old accountant and have been working with Mary for the past eight years. Before I would have terrible back problems at the end of every tax season. Since I have been working with Mary I have not had a back problem and I attribute it all to the yoga practice.

Given my age, I can not do many of the advanced positions that most of the other students do but Mary has always given me the props and support to do the asanas in a way appropriate for me. This training has enabled me to go to other classes and workshops with the knowledge of just how much I can do without hurting myself.

When I do my yoga practice at home I can imagine Mary’s firm but gentle touch moving me into the correct alignment. She is a true teacher who inspires and remains with me even when she is not around.
— Harvey Zirofzsky