Do you find cooking too time-consuming and exhausting?

You are not the only one! But have you tried to dig a little deeper to figure out why? Let me give you a list of common reasons:

  • You over-rely on recipes, especially the complicated ones. (Ottolenghi is not for weeknight cooking!)
  • You try to cook a meal from scratch every time. (Batch cooking and leftovers are amazing!)
  • You are over-ambitious and set unattainable culinary goals. (We don't have to be iron chefs here!)
  • You don't have all the ingredients or spices on hand. (You need to run to the grocery store every other day!)
  • You don't have the right tools or time-saving kitchen equipment. (A Nutribullet or Instantpot is worth the investment!)
  • You don't know what to cook. (Coming home from work is not a good time to make menu decisions!)

How can I help?

I teach time-saving kitchen skills and offer a wide range of kitchen help from stocking your pantry to designing meal plans, from targeting specific nutritional deficits to solving your kitchen challenges.

Whether you need to figure out what to eat for breakfast or brainstorm power snack ideas or simply learn how to streamline your weekly cooking flow, I am here for you!

I used to think that cooking was time consuming and it was way out of my comfort zone! But after Mary showed me a few simple dishes, I actually started to enjoy cooking!
— Josh
After 3 weeks’ of salad jar lunch, I’ve fallen in love with myself again! It was also the best salad I’d tasted in a decade!”
— Anonymous
I’ve learned to love quinoa and other foods I had never tasted before!
— Anonymous
My clothes are fitting differently now. The zipper of my skirt is moving!
— Anonymous