A super food smoothie, or is it a dessert?

This a an adaptation of raw foodist David Wolfe's super food smoothie. I adapted and shaved off about 10 ingredients out of the 16+ from the original recipe, including a bunch of Andean herbs and Chinese medicinal tonics. I guess the result is a less super food smoothie but still jam-packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants that is filling enough to be a meal, yet tastes unbelievably like a dessert, especially if you are a chocolate fan!


Step 1:

A good blender. I don't have a Vitamix, but meet this little guy - Nutribullet. It is an excellent alternative if you don't want to spend over $100 for a blender. I used it to make almond milk this morning and it was fabulous!


Step 2:

A base liquid. I am using the almond milk I just  I made. You don't have to do this! Wolfe suggests water, coconut water, any nut milk or tea concoction you prefer.


Step 3:

Add chocolate and berries. According to Wolfe, cacao is the number 1 anti-oxidant. Cacao and berries together is like the marriage of a power couple whose union multiplies the anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory superpower of each other. I am using raw cacao powder, a mix of frozen berries and unwanted strawberry stems from my daughter's breakfast. I recently discovered the Chinese berries I grew up with, my mom gives me bags and bags of each time I go back to Hong Kong, are the Goji berries (fructus lycii)  everyone raves about these days. So I am also throwing those in!


Step 4:

A dash of coconut oil to add body and hold it all together. Almond butter is also a good binding agent.


Step 5:

A half to a teaspoon of maca - a high altitude crop from the Andes that is often compared to the Chinese ginseng. It is supposed to be an adaptogen, a herb that increases the body's ability to adapt to stress and changing situations. It regulates endocrine health and gives you the energy boost that coffee does without the caffeine. You can also sprinkle it on cereals, as I was told by a native Peruvian.


Step 6:

Add honey as a sweetener.


Enjoy! Play with the proportion of the ingredients. Mine is not too thick, not too sweet, just the way I like it!