My utterly non-glamorous but surprisingly delicious lunch salads

When it's about lunch time, this is what I do these days, I open the fridge, put together a salad from whatever leftover vegetables, grains and proteins I had the night before, with a few fresh add-ons.  The result is astounding - no matter what I do , it never comes out nasty, not once, even with the most unimaginable combinations. It requires no cooking, no prepping, only assembling!

Here is one example:

1. Massage kale with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt  (A fresh add-on!)

2. Add left-over broccoli sauteed in garlic.

3. Add left-over avocado and tofu salad dressed in sesame oil.

5. Add millet.

6. Finally top with hijiki with carrots.

There! It is utterly non-glamorous but essentially effortless, powerfully nutritious and surprisingly delicious!