Year after year, diet after diet, you are back to.......yet another diet.

Nothing wrong with an occasional juice cleanse to reboot the system, but if you are relying on program after program as "recurring resets", maybe it's time to do something radically different this year.

Consider this:

It is not all or nothing, on or off.

It is not about perfection.

It is not about discipline and self-control.

It is about finally waking up to the reality that in order to be healthy in the long run, you need to learn and practice some real skills that will lead to good habits that serve you for life.

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My clients don't count calories or obssess over the numbers on the scale. They don't find their solutions in juicing or eating bland and boring foods.

They don't blame themselves for being weak and lacking self-control. They don't make excuses for being too busy.

They are realists and pragmatists:

They eat real, flavorful foods most of the time and indulge in occasional treats.

Most important of all,

They learn and practice the skills to plan and prep their meals in a much smarter way!

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"Working with Mary was life changing, a journey that I will continue for a long time. The preparation and meal planning was fun and enjoyable. The food choices were awesome and delicious. I never had so many green vegetables in my diet. I felt less bloated and more focused in life. Thank you Mary!"  - Faigee

"I am glad I didn't have to be restricted by how many ounces of protein I should eat, or how many carbs or fruits were allowed. I truly enjoyed my meals which really left me satisfied. My sugar intake is reduced and I don't seem to be missing it. Eating doesn't have to be so complicated and Mary has shown me that first hand." - Carol

And they love to show off their foods.........

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"What I love about Mary’s program is the elegance and simplicity of it. It is all about a little planning ahead of time and getting a system in place. And there is so much flexibility built-in to it. Once there is a formula I can stick to, it just gets easier and easier. Now it’s just the way I live.”  

- Kitty B.

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