We all have very different needs and challenges when it comes to food and habit changes. You might need motivation to go to the gym or guidance to make better food choices or support to take away the fuss around cooking or someone to hold you accountable every step of the way, or all of the above. There is no one plan that fits all!

Browse through my service menu and let me customize a personal game plan for you!

I have worked with clients from New York to California to Ukraine. Even if you don't live near me, we are just a phone or Skype call away.

1-on-1 Health Coaching

You might've tried every single diet out there or know everything you need to know about nutrition. But nothing is sticking.......

You are too busy to prioritize and too over-whelmed to stay focused. It's hard to do it all on your own!

Let me help you gain some clarity and figure out a customized game plan to make changes, one step at a time.


Cooking Support  

We all know that health starts in the kitchen, but do you find cooking too time-consuming or exhausting? 

Let me help you take away the kitchen overwhelm!

Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice in the kitchen, I will teach you how to simplify cooking and turn it into a lifestyle.