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November is kicking in and it's the time of the year we start planning for the holidays. Excessive sugar binges, holiday eating and weight gain often cause mini anxiety attacks even amongst the best of us!

Do you want to start the new year with more energy, focus and clarity, instead of feeling sluggish, bloated and heavy?

This pre-holiday sugar-free clean eating challenge is not about depriving yourself now in anticipation of future overeating. It is just a quick check-in to cultivate some mindfulness before the holiday insanity hits. It is a mini-lift to bump up your nutrient intake, boost your immunity, help you get through the off-the-track eating and come out of the gate strong in the new year.


All the recipes are based on nutrient-dense, whole and real food ingredients, fiber and protein rich, exactly what you need to slow down the holiday sugar train wreck. The goal is to eliminate processed sugar for a few days, but nothing too crazy!  This challenge is more about “adding” than “subtracting". A simple, delicious plan to feed your body the highest quality food you so deserve!


You might be used to winging it when it comes to cooking. But it might be all too familiar that you come home too late and too tired to even think about whipping up a quick meal because you only have lettuce in the fridge and to start the whole process of googling for recipes, running to the grocery store and actually cooking is simply not an option. Having a plan is the only guarantee that we will gain some control over what we eat so we won’t skip meals, end up eating junk or take-outs night after night.


You will have two 5-DAY Meal Plans to choose from - one Vegan/Vegetarian, one Omnivore. They both come with complete recipes and grocery lists for breakfasts, lunches and dinners mapped out for 5 days.  All the recipes are easy-to-follow and take less than 30 minutes to make. You will have plenty of leftovers and NOT be cooking a meal from scratch everyday.  If you prefer to do some light prep on Sunday you will further cut down on prep times during the week.  As a busy mom myself who lives in the “real” world, my goal is to curate recipes for you that balance flavor, nutrition and time-efficiency. 


Nope! You may dive all in and follow one of the meal plans, create your own meal plan or simply choose the recipes that work with your week.  And for the over-achievers, there will be a bonus guide of sides, snacks and sugar-free sweet treats.


  • Two 5-DAY Meal Plans to choose from - one Vegan/Vegetarian, one Omnivore. 

  • Recipe Book with two done-for-you grocery lists. 

  • Daily email check-ins.

  • Private Facebook support group.

  • Unlimited email support from me for one week.

  • Special bonus: Yummy holiday sides, snacks and sugar-free treats. 

    (All materials are downloadable online which means you will be able to join anywhere in the world.)

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1. What if I have certain dietary needs and preferences? The goal for all participants is to cut out sugar and processed ingredients and eat a clean and balanced diet for 5 days. All recipes are gluten- free,mostly plant-based and dairy-free. I am happy to provide more substitutions for ingredients if you have special dietary needs.

2. What if things came up and I had to miss some days? All materials, recipes and meal plans are yours to keep. I designed the meal plans in such a way that you should have enough variations so you could repeat them over and over again, at your own timing!

3. Will I lose weight in a week? Ha.....that depends! This is not a miracle cure or quick fix solution. My intention is to put you on the right track and create the momentum you need to move forward with more confidence and conviction. Most participants will come out feeling lighter, more energized and more mindful in their food choices.

4. Do I need to be in New York to join? No, I've had participants from New York to California to Mexico. You may download all the materials online and stay connected via emails and the Facebook Community.

More Questions?

Email me here. I usually respond within a day!